Singapore: I actually miss you

I’ve been back in my home city since the 20th and it feels so damn good to be here!

The thing that makes me happiest is the super easy access to clean water. When I brush my teeth, I do not need to gargle my mouth with bottled water. When I shower, I do not get massive hair fall. When I wash my utensils and clothes, I do not doubt that they are clean. I feel at peace, knowing that I do not have excess calcium or whatever else’s residue seeping through my skin or being consumed when eating out. Honestly, the convenience and reassurance of getting clean water from a tap has proven to be something that I will never take for granted ever again.

Of course, hanging out with my family and friends have been absolutely fun too! They’ve kept me busy and it’s the main reason why my blog hasn’t been updated for a while.

I actually didn’t update my family that I was heading home. They thought I would only arrive on the morning of Hari Raya Aidilfitri, 25th June. So when I got to my parents’ place, they were thrilled to see me, especially Mum! It was such a heartwarming experience, and hehe, Mum cooked special dishes for me:

20170620_193405a copy
Nasi Sambal Goreng + Sambal Telur + Serunding = Yums!

Azri was on a business trip elsewhere for a few days, so I got to spend a lot of time with my sisters. My favourite afternoon spent with them is when we checked out the exhibitions at National Gallery Singapore. At times like this, I get reminded how much we mean to one another…

Xal, Qis and myself in a room full of colourful polka dot stickers 🙂
Mirror magic at work!

When Azri reached Singapore, we had a good time celebrating Hari Raya with our families and an even better time staycation-ing at Pan Pacific Hotel and Marina Bay Sands Hotel! These two events deserve an individual posts, which I will update next week 😀 Swing by again to read on them!

On a more personal note to self, it’s a Shane shame:

“Nothing in my nature tells me not to do bad things,
I know that I really should be good tonight.
There’s a kind of satisfaction that destruction brings,
Consequences never could convince me that I should do right.”
– I’ll Come Crashing, A Giant Dog