“Omg, you’re really yellow!” he exclaimed

12 years on, and I met an old enemy again. He came unannounced and I didn’t have any arsenals prepared to attack him head on. I could hear him laughing maliciously as he spread his grenades, popping them one after another. Dirty air and unclean water were his allies, both of which I’ve got no control over. I felt defeated, the world was against me; everything seemed to be in his favour…

… Until I discovered turmeric.

Okay, I’m being melodramatic about my pimple breakout. But seriously, this first world problem is not fun to have. I know I wish to have youthful skin, but having a teen’s puberty-stricken one is not ideal at all.

So anyway, there are many websites online stating that turmeric is a natural medication for pimples and I gave it a shot.


 Paste versus 20 pimples – Who’d win?

I made a turmeric and honey mix. Halfway through smearing the yellow paste on my face, I brilliantly asked myself, “Sh*t, will this stain my face?”

It did. Pandai sia, pandai sangat! But okay lah, the tint wasn’t too bright, albeit uneven. After laughing at my reflection, I wondered how Azri would react to my jaundiced face when he gets home…

A few hours later, Azri and I were lounging on our couch when he suddenly launched his face to my face and snubbed his index finger on my nose.

What you doing sia?”

He retreated back to his side of the couch and looked at me strangely.

“Your face. You look like you’re sunburnt everywhere but your nose.”
“I put turmeric lah on my face. Then uneven.”
“Wha- Why?”
“Because pimples lah!”
“Hahaha, okay…”

Later he continued, “See I notice, okay…”
Where got everytime notice one?”
“You do your brows, I notice. You do your nails I notice. You-“
“Heh, ya lah ya lah.” He always notices, and that’s one of my favourite traits of his 🙂

The next morning, Azri woke up and started pinching my cheeks.

Kalau goreng, sedap,” he stated as a matter of factly.
Kalau goreng, sedap. Fishball with kunyit. Macam ayam ngan kunyit yang my mum goreng.”
Kurang ajar sia.
“HAHA, I love you!”

I think the joke about my fried-fishball-marinated-in-turmeric cheeks will stick for a while as I plan to continue with the facial regime, at least for two weeks. Hopefully results will be good!