Marriage, in sickness and in health

Menstrual cramps rarely hit me but when it does, it strikes hard. I was curled up on my side of the sofa, groaning in pain every now and then. Occasionally, I stretched my legs and snuggled them onto Azri’s lap. While he was busy with work on the laptop, his physical presence was enough to comfort me.

When Azri was done, he scrutinized me and gleamed.

“What???” I asked.
“You’re so… Docile, demure, defenseless when you’re sick.”
“I’m in pain and you are teasing me?”
“No, really. So docile…”
“Becoming what’s that term to call them… Isteri solehah?”
“Yes, taat and setia.”
“Hah, taat and setia. You like lah, no one to annoy or nag at you.”
“Yeah, I’m enjoying this. Hehe!”
“Heh. Enjoy while it lasts.”
“I will!”

Minutes later, Azri gasped.

“What???” I went again.
He showed me the hole his ember made in the sheet and sniggered.
“What the f*ck, Bby? That cost $70!”
“You’re lucky I’m sick. And that you noticed it first.”
“Yah, I can imagine if you see it when I’m at work, you’d text me 10 angry messages like “WTF?” and “You bodoh or what?” and “70 f*cking dollars burnt!” And then, I’ll just reply with “Busy, TTYL.” Haha!”
“Yah. But seriously, that’s stupid.”
“Hahaha, I know!”

Later, before Azri headed out to work, he fed me medicine and put me to bed. Just before I slept, I gave him the heads up that I’ll be back to my feisty self when he comes home.

“I know. Can’t wait for you to get up energy up back so that we can play Dirt Rally later!”

Cramps are now gone and I’m counting down the hours to his return 🙂