Kolkata: The Oberoi Grand Hotel

Left: Jolene and my Oberoi’s signature blend tea with a side of oatmeal cookies; Right: Fresh lilies <3

Nearly two weeks ago, Jolene and Biren jio-ed Azri and me to have lunch and tea at The Oberoi Grand Hotel’s Threesixtythree°. We had a good time catching up over a lovely spread of buffet. One of the things that we shared with them was us thinking of having a staycation, and they highly recommended the hotel that we were in. Honestly, no matter how much they tried to convince us, we didn’t think much of the hotel…

…Until the staff gave us a tour of the hotel rooms after our meal. Perhaps the staff had extremely impressive marketing skills or the heritage decor was simply too charming, but whatever the reasons were, AZRI AND I WERE SOLD! We booked a room as soon as we got home 🙂


The reason for our staycation was to celebrate our 8th year anniversary. Shamelessly, we stated that in our booking ’cause I love how hotels put in a little extra effort for our personal celebrations. So, I was expecting cliche things like towels folded in shapes of swans on our bed and maybe a stalk of flower. What I absolutely did not expect was to be blown away by the not-little-at-all-but-omg-wow effort put in by the hotel staff!

We were picked from our residence at noon. Once we stepped out of the car, a young hotel staff, D, greeted us by name and surprised us with an upgrade of accommodation. We were delighted with his news! And oh, our hearts brimmed happily even more when D showed us the luxurious suite… We’ve had lived in suites before this, but nowhere else had given out the deep and rich vibe like Oberoi Grand’s.

Our Classic Suite: Beautifully aged furniture fitted complimentarily in a room of the grand colonial building (which was built in the late 19th century.) The suite was soothing and stunning…

Once D had professionally settled administrative matters with us, he called in his colleague who presented us with the chocolate cake above. We were pleasantly surprised again! They really knew how to make our smiles wider…

Side story: We don’t have a weighing scale at our apartment, so when I saw one in the toilet, I immediately stepped on it. “Bby, apparently I’ve lost 2kg. Really ah, got difference in my body?” I asked Azri. “I think the machine purposely reduce the numbers so that you’d eat more at the hotel. You’d think you’ve lost weight so you can order more food and then, they earn more!” jested my husband. “Why can’t you just answer yes or no. Why are you so mean to me?” I sighed. Azri laughed casually. “Why am I with you???” I asked. I paused for a moment. And then I answered my own question, “Oh yah, for things like these…” (By the way, the machine showed that Azri gained 2kg, so I guess it’s not spoilt.)

Left: Us, before the spa treatments; Right: The therapy room

Azri and I knew that we wanted to treat ourselves a spa package when we first stepped into the therapy rooms during the tour. There was something magically romantic about them… Also, I was very keen to have an authentic Indian massage, something that I’ve never tried before.

After deliberating on the many choices, we picked the package called ‘Journey to India’. It was a 3-hour spa ritual consisting of Ayurdevic body massage with hot herbal pouch therapy, Padabhyanga foot massage, Marma facial massage, Indian scalp massage and a warm bath.

Left: Pouches and kasa bowl were tools warmed in hot oil for the massages; Right: Our refreshed selves 🙂

The whole experience was ridiculously relaxing… I used to say Thai massages are my favourite, now I’d say that Indian ones are the best! The warm herbal oil, which was specifically chosen for our body type based on a questionnaire that we filled prior to the treatment, was perfect for the symmetrical and stress-relieving strokes…

It had been some time since the both of us felt really at ease, with no sad or worrying thoughts in mind. And so, we truly appreciated the tender love given to us at the spa by the two therapists, J and KX.

Before we left the spa, another therapist wished us, “Happy Anniversary” and gifted us a box of body polisher. She made me feel more special!

Just when we thought that the hotel had given us the most exceptional service, the staff outdid themselves by surprising us yet again! They had cleaned our suite while we were gone, placed gorgeous roses by my bedside, and drew half a bath, prettified with red petals. Amazing!


We ordered room service for dinner since we felt too chilled to dress up to go to the restaurant. Plus, Azri wanted to catch Man-U versus West Ham’s soccer match. Because he hadn’t watched a live match in ages, I agreed. But after Man-U scored their second goal, making it obvious that the men in red would win, I gave up on watching TV and soaked myself in the tub, reading ‘Dance, Dance, Dance’…

Breakfast at Threesixtythree° 😛

When we were planning on the staycation, I told Azri that his anniversary present to me would be to wake up for breakfast. It’s been a long time since I had hotel breakfast buffet, let alone breakfast food, and the PBG in me yearned for that.

Of course, Azri woke up early for me (hehe, 0830 instead of our usual 1200!) and I was extremely ecstatic to see the variety of food! It helped that we were seated near the buffet line, and were facing a wall adorned with paintings of people from the colonial times. Azri gifted me with the best anniversary present, hee! 😀


The Oberoi Grand Hotel serviced us with nothing but royalty treatment, and I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it… The soul enriching experience encourages me to visit other Oberoi hotels, as well as Raffles Singapore since the hotel manager shared with us that our local heritage hotel was as extraordinary. If you were to visit Kolkata, I’d highly recommend you to stay here…


To the one who’ve spent the past 8 years with me:

Thank you for being [insert whatever explicit] stubborn.

And may we do more wtf things in our 9th year!



(p.s. tagged banana split, you owe me!)