Kolkata: Security, Spotify and Seared cake

Security seems to be upmost priority to malls and shops in Kolkata. Every time we enter a mall, Azri and I need to enter a metal detector scanner and the mall’s security guards will check the content of our bags. Some shops have their own security guards and we then need to either surrender our bags at the counter or let the guards cable tie our bags. Some other shops have their sales staff to double as security officers, trailing us everywhere, without offering help, just to ensure that we don’t nick anything.

Security measures at supermarket is even stricter.

  1. Before entering, we have to cable tie our bags.
  2. Upon entering, we are greeted by security officers, as though reminding us that “Hey, you’re going into a highly secured area!”
  3. Once we step into the supermarket, we cannot exit from the entrance. (For example, you put both your feet in and you decide that you want to go to the shop next door instead, you are not allowed to turn and walk out. You can only exit at the designated exit, which is at the other end of the supermarket.)
  4. After choosing the groceries, we make the payment and the cashier writes down the number of bags filled with our items on the the corner of the receipt (see example below).
  5. These bags are cable tied by the cashier’s assistant. (Yes, cashiers here have assistants, but that’s a story for another day.)
  6. At the exit, another security officer checks our receipt and punches a hole once he approves that the number of bags we have tallies with the number on the receipt.

20170805_181240 copy

Why I am telling you all these? It’s because a few days ago, I went to the supermarket and lost the bloody receipt just after paying 1450 rupees for my weekly groceries. I have zero idea how the receipt dropped out of my grip, but it did. And so, I was swearing to myself about how stupid and careless I was for a good two minutes, before trying to exit. Obviously, the security guard didn’t allow me to exit.

I had to go back to the queue and the guy who served me had to call another security officer before he could print me a new receipt. I was so thankful that I didn’t have to fork out money for my stupid mistake. After the security guard scrutinized my items, he crumpled the new receipt. In my head, I went “WHAT, WHY ARE YOU DOING THAT TO MY TICKET FOR EXIT???” But I didn’t say anything, just stayed cool. Good that I remained calm ’cause he then reached into his pocket and pulled out my old receipt. HAH. I didn’t bother to ask where he found it. I just thanked him and went out as quick as I can ‘cause my goodness, so bodoh and embarrassing.

So, note to self: Stop being careless.

Note to others visiting Kolkata: Don’t be careless. Or overwhelmed by the security processes.

Anyway, I think Spotify was being mean to me the other day. Look at what it suggested to me:


I know my week hasn’t been perfect but for it to suggest that, TSK! Haha, I listened to the playlist anyway and it was actually nice to hear Lana Del Ray, Avril Lavigne and The Lumineers. But after a few songs, I had to change the playlist ‘cause it got quite depressing.

That said, no, my life doesn’t suck at all.

Sure, there was death and the consequences. And okay, both Azri and I suffered from terrible food poisoning and fever for a couple of days this week. And well, I accidentally seared my supposed-to-be-spongey cake. But my life is still relatively good 🙂


Say hello to the floral designed plates that the apartment’s owner has left for us and my late mother-in-law’s cute little wooden bowl that she gave me before we moved to Kolkata

For one, I managed to whip up Hainanese Chicken Rice. Need more work on my not-Hainanese-at-all chicken and soup, but I think I did really well chili sauce and rice for a first timer!

Left: My messy batter; Middle top: Promising looking cake in the oven;
Middle bottom: WTF BURNT WTF; Right: Slightly dry outcome

And for another, my cake was edible and tasted pretty good. It was burnt on the surface and the cake was a little crumbly, but okay lah. Forgiven myself for the rookie mistake ‘cause I’ve not baked cakes for two years.

But later, I unforgiven myself when…

“Sayang, your cake nice. I cut myself a big slice yesterday night. Banana cake, eh?”
“No? Er, nutty flavoured? It’s like banana and walnut cake lah.”
“WHAT! No lah. Milo. Milo marble.”
“OH, this design is intentional? I thought you anyhow do. And oh, Milo? Really???”

LOL, cake was epic failure ‘cause my husband couldn’t figure it out. But okay lah, the cake tasted okay, so okay lah. Like what my girlfriend, Azy, texted me when I whined to her about the burnt top, “Nvm la try again next time!”

Will definitely update if my next bake turns out as what I vision it to be. In the meantime, you can text me to not screw anything up again. I welcome the reminders 😀