Kolkata: McDonald’s

Sometimes, you can’t help but miss the distinctive taste of crappy food from home. There can be 101 different types of unhealthy food abroad, but your tongue still craves for the sh*tty ones that you’ve grown up with. Because we don’t have the luxury of coconut-laden laksa with cockles, greasy nak mampus tahu telur, or sickly sweet chendol, we opted for McDonald’s – we were just too excited to see that they serve McSpicy here (unlike in Melbourne)!


We obviously went overboard and ordered a lot more than we could actually eat, but it was probably the best 590 rupees (SGD12.80) spent for the week! Just look at how happy Azri was:


He was down with half his burger when I hadn’t even started on mine! Anyway, Filet-O-Fish and the fries tasted exactly like what my tastebuds remember them to be 😛

McSpicy, on the other hand, didn’t meet our expectations. The bun was slightly burnt. And the seasoning was not mixed evenly. In the gif, Azri bit into the spiciest area and rated, “On the scale of tak pedas to pedas, this is mak kau pedas!” I had a few bites, but only one was really spicy while the rest were mild. Also, the meat looked funny. Like, why is the colour like that? Hmm.

Despite the slight disappointment, the meal was still worth a moment on the lips, forever on the hips 😀

(To friends who are fasting, I bet you’d now wanna eat McD for buka later, hehe!)