Kolkata: Durga Puja (Part 2)

So, the celebration for Durga Puja lasted for a number of days, and the eighth day was considered the most auspicious. Because of that, Azri joined his colleagues in wearing Indian’s traditional clothes to work on that particular Thursday 🙂

Left: Heehee 🙂 I made him take a photo like on first day of Raya; Right: Azri with the ladies

He wore another kurta on Friday too. When he showed me a bunch of photos he took with his co-workers, I went “Awww, their saris look so good, especially the red one!!!” I told him that I want to wear the beautiful garment to an event one day, and he shared that we are invited to a wedding next year. But hah, I’m secretly hoping (okay, not so secret anymore) that there will be something this year…

So anyway, on the same Thursday night, I heard music coming from my condominium’s clubhouse. I live on the 24th storey, so you can imagine how loud the music was playing. I was a little grumpy about it at first ‘cause it was memekak like orang kahwin bawah blok. But once I got over the distraction, I went on with my everyday routine.

On Friday night, music started thumping again. This time, I was like, “F*ck it, if you can’t beat them, join them.” I changed into my kurta and checked out what was happening downstairs.

My expectations: Loud music = Singing and coordinated vigorous dancing, like the ones in Bollywood films.

Reality: Senior citizens choir. Look –

They didn’t look very cheerful but at least the song was upbeat. Hahaha!

The crowd in which I was seated with were mostly elderlies and I was absolutely underdressed! The ladies were in their more elegant kurtas/saris, had gold jewelry around their wrists and necks, and hanging from their ears, and some even had flowers in their hair. And obviously, their faces were beautified with make-up. Me? My hair was half wet ‘cause I just showered, my face was bare, my kurta was plain and the only jewelry I had on were my wedding ring and engagement earrings.

I contemplated if I should stay longer since I was not dressed for the occasion and ‘cause I didn’t understand what was happening as 98% of the performance was in Hindi.

People with OCD would not be able to watch this dance

In the end, I stayed on for another 1.5 hours. The senior citizens sang for half hour, followed by some slow and uncoordinated dance rituals. Alas, when a man started singing macam faham, I gave up and went up to my apartment.

On the way back, I saw younger people hanging around the carpark area. They were donning casual modern clothes and bored faces. I didn’t blame them – I’d probably wear the same expression, especially if my parents dragged me down.

At 11pm, I heard the bass dropping and I paced around my apartment, wondering if I should give the event a second chance. Crowd started cheering loudly too, urging me to go down. This time round, I changed into a casual top and put on minimal make-up.

Start of the real partay!

A beat-boxing and breakdancing performance greeted me and the crowd was more hyped up. And soon, a deejay was spinning the local’s pop music! Plastic chairs were cleared and the space changed into a dance floor! Obviously, I couldn’t sing along but dancing along was easy 😛

Wish Azri and my party friends were here to form our own circle ’cause I was too shy to selit

Soon, the deejay switched music to what I assume to be traditional dancing music. From what I understood, it was supposed to be a couple’s dance but I saw groups forming too, and they were synchronize-dancing with sticks in their hands. It was a pretty sight!

After an hour or so, my back started to ache (#blametheperiod) and I decided to go home. And then at 12.50AM, I regretted going home early ‘cause the deejay started playing English pop music. Heh. But hey, overall it was an awesome experience! Something that only living in Kolkata could give me 😀