Goodbye 2017

This year is hands down the second most challenging year in my life. But that doesn’t mean that things were always on the low. The most enriching thing that happened is being able to travel around the world, and these are my favourite moments in each city:

04 February 2017 – Sutera Mall, Johor, Malaysia

After three times playing various escape rooms with different friends, I finally broke free from one with the best team I’ve ever had! At this trip, Zah and Yasir also introduced us to Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart and it has stuck to become Azri’s favourite dessert 😛

07 March 2017 – Flinders Rock Pool, Melbourne, Australia

I remember shrieking with pure joy when we swam in the rock pool!

On a side note, I really miss hanging out with my fun and merepek friends: Azean, Ery, Mira and Wilis…

19 April 2017 – Bruny Island, Tasmania, Australia

5 or 6 years ago, I watched a documentary on Antarctica’s animals at Singapore Science Centre with Azri. Ever since then, I’ve been telling him that I wanted to see seals at their natural habitat. Early this year, he made that dream come true! (Too bad GoPro doesn’t have the zoom in function, else the video would show close up images of the cuties.)

29 June 2017 – Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, Singapore


Nak staycation when we are back in Singapore?” “Okay. Katne?” “MBS?” “Okay!” It was fantastic to finally have a taste of the famous infinity pool and later, indulge at Spago by Wolfgang Puck!

05 July 2017 – Parkland Green, Singapore, Singapore

There is another moment worth noting in Singapore. It was the last worry-free hang out session I had in my homeland, and it also symbolises hope for 2018.

Fad and I were drinking our iced hibiscus tea and hot latte. Amongst many other things, he shared with me on what happened since his unemployment. I resonated some of his feelings then, and I believe I will face even similar things soon. Considering that he has kept himself afloat reasonably well for eight months, I am very sure we can too.

It’s a shame that we didn’t manage to meet again afterwards. The call from another Fad, asking me to head to the hospital five days later, was a point in time that offset a mega-series of changes. Things will definitely slow down in 2018, and I feel hopeful about sharing moments with people like Fad again in the near future.

11 October 2017 – Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan

Azri had showed me various YouTube videos on people having omakase prior to our Japan trip, and so we just had to try it out. The experience at Sushi Tokyo Ten was akin to luscious music to the tongue, as we tried sea urchin, anglerfish liver, octopus, shishamo fish and more for the first time ever!

12 December 2017 – Eco Park, Kolkata, India

Standing before the many unauthentic wonders of the world and breathing in relatively cleaner air than usual at the green park was absolutely calming. My inner child couldn’t ask for a better afternoon 😀


Photo taken on 29 April 2017 at Singapore Changi Airport, just before Azri and I departed for Kolkata.

With that, I bid farewell to the year. Bring on the new year!

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    Hello from Singapore! Looks like you both have a lot of fun going on adventures and traveling. I haven’t visited Tokyo but I would love too! Especially for the food 😍 glad I stumbled upon your blog!!

    • - Post author

      Hey! Oh you’re still in Singapore? Have a happy holiday there 🙂 Yes, you should def visit Tokyo, it’s such a lovely place and the food there is phenomenal! Happy New Year, Keira 😀

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