Kolkata: The Oberoi Grand Hotel

Left: Jolene and my Oberoi’s signature blend tea with a side of oatmeal cookies; Right: Fresh lilies <3

Nearly two weeks ago, Jolene and Biren jio-ed Azri and me to have lunch and tea at The Oberoi Grand Hotel’s Threesixtythree°. We had a good time catching up over a lovely spread of buffet. One of the things that we shared with them was us thinking of having a staycation, and they highly recommended the hotel that we were in. Honestly, no matter how much they tried to convince us, we didn’t think much of the hotel…

…Until the staff gave us a tour of the hotel rooms after our meal. Perhaps the staff had extremely impressive marketing skills or the heritage decor was simply too charming, but whatever the reasons were, AZRI AND I WERE SOLD! We booked a room as soon as we got home 🙂


The reason for our staycation was to celebrate our 8th year anniversary. Shamelessly, we stated that in our booking ’cause I love how hotels put in a little extra effort for our personal celebrations. So, I was expecting cliche things like towels folded in shapes of swans on our bed and maybe a stalk of flower. What I absolutely did not expect was to be blown away by the not-little-at-all-but-omg-wow effort put in by the hotel staff!

We were picked from our residence at noon. Once we stepped out of the car, a young hotel staff, D, greeted us by name and surprised us with an upgrade of accommodation. We were delighted with his news! And oh, our hearts brimmed happily even more when D showed us the luxurious suite… We’ve had lived in suites before this, but nowhere else had given out the deep and rich vibe like Oberoi Grand’s.

Our Classic Suite: Beautifully aged furniture fitted complimentarily in a room of the grand colonial building (which was built in the late 19th century.) The suite was soothing and stunning…

Once D had professionally settled administrative matters with us, he called in his colleague who presented us with the chocolate cake above. We were pleasantly surprised again! They really knew how to make our smiles wider…

Side story: We don’t have a weighing scale at our apartment, so when I saw one in the toilet, I immediately stepped on it. “Bby, apparently I’ve lost 2kg. Really ah, got difference in my body?” I asked Azri. “I think the machine purposely reduce the numbers so that you’d eat more at the hotel. You’d think you’ve lost weight so you can order more food and then, they earn more!” jested my husband. “Why can’t you just answer yes or no. Why are you so mean to me?” I sighed. Azri laughed casually. “Why am I with you???” I asked. I paused for a moment. And then I answered my own question, “Oh yah, for things like these…” (By the way, the machine showed that Azri gained 2kg, so I guess it’s not spoilt.)

Left: Us, before the spa treatments; Right: The therapy room

Azri and I knew that we wanted to treat ourselves a spa package when we first stepped into the therapy rooms during the tour. There was something magically romantic about them… Also, I was very keen to have an authentic Indian massage, something that I’ve never tried before.

After deliberating on the many choices, we picked the package called ‘Journey to India’. It was a 3-hour spa ritual consisting of Ayurdevic body massage with hot herbal pouch therapy, Padabhyanga foot massage, Marma facial massage, Indian scalp massage and a warm bath.

Left: Pouches and kasa bowl were tools warmed in hot oil for the massages; Right: Our refreshed selves 🙂

The whole experience was ridiculously relaxing… I used to say Thai massages are my favourite, now I’d say that Indian ones are the best! The warm herbal oil, which was specifically chosen for our body type based on a questionnaire that we filled prior to the treatment, was perfect for the symmetrical and stress-relieving strokes…

It had been some time since the both of us felt really at ease, with no sad or worrying thoughts in mind. And so, we truly appreciated the tender love given to us at the spa by the two therapists, J and KX.

Before we left the spa, another therapist wished us, “Happy Anniversary” and gifted us a box of body polisher. She made me feel more special!

Just when we thought that the hotel had given us the most exceptional service, the staff outdid themselves by surprising us yet again! They had cleaned our suite while we were gone, placed gorgeous roses by my bedside, and drew half a bath, prettified with red petals. Amazing!


We ordered room service for dinner since we felt too chilled to dress up to go to the restaurant. Plus, Azri wanted to catch Man-U versus West Ham’s soccer match. Because he hadn’t watched a live match in ages, I agreed. But after Man-U scored their second goal, making it obvious that the men in red would win, I gave up on watching TV and soaked myself in the tub, reading ‘Dance, Dance, Dance’…

Breakfast at Threesixtythree° 😛

When we were planning on the staycation, I told Azri that his anniversary present to me would be to wake up for breakfast. It’s been a long time since I had hotel breakfast buffet, let alone breakfast food, and the PBG in me yearned for that.

Of course, Azri woke up early for me (hehe, 0830 instead of our usual 1200!) and I was extremely ecstatic to see the variety of food! It helped that we were seated near the buffet line, and were facing a wall adorned with paintings of people from the colonial times. Azri gifted me with the best anniversary present, hee! 😀


The Oberoi Grand Hotel serviced us with nothing but royalty treatment, and I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it… The soul enriching experience encourages me to visit other Oberoi hotels, as well as Raffles Singapore since the hotel manager shared with us that our local heritage hotel was as extraordinary. If you were to visit Kolkata, I’d highly recommend you to stay here…


To the one who’ve spent the past 8 years with me:

Thank you for being [insert whatever explicit] stubborn.

And may we do more wtf things in our 9th year!



(p.s. tagged banana split, you owe me!)

Kolkata: Do you want to be my domestic helper?

Rain 4It’s been raining a lot here.

Sometimes, our apartment feels like it’s being possessed ever since the monsoon season hit. The heavy rain gives out low thudding sounds, while the wind, which has picked up super speed and strength, bangs loudly against the windows. I swear if the wind goes on like that for 24 hours straight, the full length balcony glass doors will shatter. And I wouldn’t know what to do if that were to happen. Probably take photos for the blog ’cause #priorities.

Because of the rain and wind, our apartment gets dustier more easily. And more insects are swarming our living room lights for warmth. I feel bad killing the insects, but I can’t have them breeding, right? So I’ve been spraying a lot of insecticide, which in turn, makes my living space filthier.

One of Azri’s bosses had once urged us to get a domestic helper to clean the apartment. Initially, I was reluctant ‘cause I thought I could handle it and I wasn’t sure if I could trust a stranger with our valuables. But now, I welcome the idea with open arms.

Most of Azri’s colleagues who are locals here have domestic helper coming to their homes daily to clean, including doing dishes. I was appalled to know how much they cost – It is an average of 900 rupees (i.e. almost S$20) per month! Like, what?! But Azri’s colleagues did warn us that because of the location that we are staying in, price may be higher.

We don’t need daily help. We just need want weekly ones. But it has proven to be hard to find. Emailing cleaning companies was futile ‘cause they never replied back. Calling them was equally useless ‘cause they couldn’t communicate in English. And the one recommendation which we received walked out on us on our first meeting.

It was quite rude of her to walk away just like that. But I suppose, from her facial expression, she felt insulted? Honestly, I still cannot comprehend why. Rai, our driver, was the one who suggested her and acted as our translator during the meeting, since she couldn’t speak English. After a tour of our apartment, we started negotiating the price. She quoted 3000 rupees, which was ridiculous for a four-days(-two-hours-each)-per-month job! She reduced her rate to 2500 rupees and said that she would come everyday. We didn’t agree and repeated that we only needed her once a week. We counter-offered 500 rupees and once Rai conveyed that to her, she walked off immediately. What just happened?! It was more amusing than anything else, though. I mean, we were offering her more for less work (since based on her quotation, she should be earning 333 rupees for the four days), but I guess she didn’t see it that way. I don’t know, it was strange. Rude and strange.

So anyway, we are back to square one now. I suppose we will just have to pay ourselves to make sure our apartment is clean, until we find a reasonable candidate. Any of you want to fly to Kolkata and be my domestic helper for S$10.90 a month? You just have to mop the floor, including the balcony which is filled with pigeon poo, and clean the three toilets weekly… Plus, you get to hang out with me! Let me know if you’re interested. HAH.

Kolkata: Security, Spotify and Seared cake

Security seems to be upmost priority to malls and shops in Kolkata. Every time we enter a mall, Azri and I need to enter a metal detector scanner and the mall’s security guards will check the content of our bags. Some shops have their own security guards and we then need to either surrender our bags at the counter or let the guards cable tie our bags. Some other shops have their sales staff to double as security officers, trailing us everywhere, without offering help, just to ensure that we don’t nick anything.

Security measures at supermarket is even stricter.

  1. Before entering, we have to cable tie our bags.
  2. Upon entering, we are greeted by security officers, as though reminding us that “Hey, you’re going into a highly secured area!”
  3. Once we step into the supermarket, we cannot exit from the entrance. (For example, you put both your feet in and you decide that you want to go to the shop next door instead, you are not allowed to turn and walk out. You can only exit at the designated exit, which is at the other end of the supermarket.)
  4. After choosing the groceries, we make the payment and the cashier writes down the number of bags filled with our items on the the corner of the receipt (see example below).
  5. These bags are cable tied by the cashier’s assistant. (Yes, cashiers here have assistants, but that’s a story for another day.)
  6. At the exit, another security officer checks our receipt and punches a hole once he approves that the number of bags we have tallies with the number on the receipt.

20170805_181240 copy

Why I am telling you all these? It’s because a few days ago, I went to the supermarket and lost the bloody receipt just after paying 1450 rupees for my weekly groceries. I have zero idea how the receipt dropped out of my grip, but it did. And so, I was swearing to myself about how stupid and careless I was for a good two minutes, before trying to exit. Obviously, the security guard didn’t allow me to exit.

I had to go back to the queue and the guy who served me had to call another security officer before he could print me a new receipt. I was so thankful that I didn’t have to fork out money for my stupid mistake. After the security guard scrutinized my items, he crumpled the new receipt. In my head, I went “WHAT, WHY ARE YOU DOING THAT TO MY TICKET FOR EXIT???” But I didn’t say anything, just stayed cool. Good that I remained calm ’cause he then reached into his pocket and pulled out my old receipt. HAH. I didn’t bother to ask where he found it. I just thanked him and went out as quick as I can ‘cause my goodness, so bodoh and embarrassing.

So, note to self: Stop being careless.

Note to others visiting Kolkata: Don’t be careless. Or overwhelmed by the security processes.

Anyway, I think Spotify was being mean to me the other day. Look at what it suggested to me:


I know my week hasn’t been perfect but for it to suggest that, TSK! Haha, I listened to the playlist anyway and it was actually nice to hear Lana Del Ray, Avril Lavigne and The Lumineers. But after a few songs, I had to change the playlist ‘cause it got quite depressing.

That said, no, my life doesn’t suck at all.

Sure, there was death and the consequences. And okay, both Azri and I suffered from terrible food poisoning and fever for a couple of days this week. And well, I accidentally seared my supposed-to-be-spongey cake. But my life is still relatively good 🙂


Say hello to the floral designed plates that the apartment’s owner has left for us and my late mother-in-law’s cute little wooden bowl that she gave me before we moved to Kolkata

For one, I managed to whip up Hainanese Chicken Rice. Need more work on my not-Hainanese-at-all chicken and soup, but I think I did really well chili sauce and rice for a first timer!

Left: My messy batter; Middle top: Promising looking cake in the oven;
Middle bottom: WTF BURNT WTF; Right: Slightly dry outcome

And for another, my cake was edible and tasted pretty good. It was burnt on the surface and the cake was a little crumbly, but okay lah. Forgiven myself for the rookie mistake ‘cause I’ve not baked cakes for two years.

But later, I unforgiven myself when…

“Sayang, your cake nice. I cut myself a big slice yesterday night. Banana cake, eh?”
“No? Er, nutty flavoured? It’s like banana and walnut cake lah.”
“WHAT! No lah. Milo. Milo marble.”
“OH, this design is intentional? I thought you anyhow do. And oh, Milo? Really???”

LOL, cake was epic failure ‘cause my husband couldn’t figure it out. But okay lah, the cake tasted okay, so okay lah. Like what my girlfriend, Azy, texted me when I whined to her about the burnt top, “Nvm la try again next time!”

Will definitely update if my next bake turns out as what I vision it to be. In the meantime, you can text me to not screw anything up again. I welcome the reminders 😀

Kolkata: New experiences

“Bby, tengok your left!” I instructed excitedly.

Azri looked up from his work phone and turned to his left.

CB sia you! WHY???”

I laughed hysterically.

Not long after, I nudged him to follow my gaze.

Again, his immediate strong response made me roar with laughter.

Sitting in the car for long rides has became a little more unenjoyable these days. Apart from the usual pity for the beggars and #firstworldproblem backaches, my mind kept on flashing sorrowful images that I didn’t want to think about. I needed to distract myself. So…

I’ve been pointing out people who pick their nose to Azri! It was not hard to locate them at all. Every fifteen minutes or so, if you set your mind on finding the gems (no pun intended!), you’d see one in a car or walking on the streets or in the restaurant by the road! I’ve always been disgusted by individuals’ habit of picking nose in public, so these people, especially the ones who dug deep, grossed me out. But they served as satisfying diversion ‘cause it brought me joy to see Azri all repulsed! (Side note: he enjoys sickening me by frequently picking his nose before me.)

But of course, their unhygienic existence was not sufficient to block out the resounding absence.

And honestly, being away from family and close friends at the moment isn’t ideal.

We are making conscious effort to get back to the time when daily contentment was a norm.

“Bby, you want to eat nasi campur Bengali style for lunch?” I asked Azri on his off day, knowing that eating something different would excite us. He agreed and soon enough, we found ourselves in a uniquely decorated restaurant, Saptapadi.

Clockwise: My photo didn’t do justice to the thali so here’s a photo from their menu, crispy beguni and ice lemon tea, and the restaurant’s interior which pays tribute to the 1961 film, Saptapadi

We spent some time choosing what to eat. With the helpful explanation from the soft-spoken waiter (who had to repeat everything twice because Azri somehow couldn’t hear properly; Tak tau nak kesiankan sape lebih), we picked beguni (fried eggplant), karai kima mangsho (mutton dish) and the Special Non-Veg Thali (platter). We were pleasantly surprised by how good the dishes taste, and we would probably come back again for more 🙂

Later that night, Azri decided that we should splurge on “Dunkirk”. We purchased ourselves the most expensive tickets in the cinema, 500 rupees each (approximately S$10.60), and bought an ice cream, two cappuccino, two large Coke and a super large caramel popcorn for a total of 810 rupees (about S$17.20). PBG, I know.

Look at my PBG face and Azri’s pleased face as we curled up on our seat

The seat we got was awesome! It was very much alike to Golden Village’s Gold Class recline seats. One difference was instead of two single seats, it was a couple seat, which actually made it all better 😀 And the yummy food was served to us at our seat, so it was similar to the Gold Class treatment but way cheaper. It was worth every rupee spent to watch the absolutely intense war movie…

The Friday felt somewhat normal but it wasn’t really. That said, it was still an improvement from what happened on Azri’s previous off day when we were not okay with everything.

I recently came across Haruki Murukami’s quote, “Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.” I suppose this is something everyone who just lost a loved one needs to remember, including myself.

Questions go unanswered

A mother passed away on 15 July due to unforgiving illnesses.

10 days later, another mother wants to commit suicide.

I have been so confused and beyond angry about these deaths for some time now, and this is largely the reason for my long absence from my blog. I promise that once my nerves are more settled, my weekly updates will be up again.


Dear you,

I think you are in an abusive relationship. No, not think. Know, I know.

Even before hitting puberty, the 10 adults in my life whom I consider as my primary role models had exposed me to the various kinds of dysfunctional relationships, of which abuse was the damned cornerstone. I saw slaps thrown across faces, heard emotionally laden words hurled, was trapped between mighty mental wars.

I learned how to distrust the calm before the storm and also understood the reasons behind cheatings and divorces. But there is one thing that I’ve yet to comprehend: Why the f*ck does one still decide to stay in such unhealthy relationship? It happens and happens and f*cking happens again, with no end to the vicious cycle. Why?

I see you now, still acknowledging the relationship, still loving him, still worshipping him. Despite that. I don’t know how you do it. I don’t know how they do it. It puzzles me. It angers me more. I wish I can understand his reasons, but of course, why would he speak to me of all people? He claims he loves you, but does he? The things he does to you translate to a warped and shitty kind of love, you know? You don’t.

I can’t stop anyone from wanting to have a relationship with whoever. I can’t stop you. You’d probably not forgive me ever if I tried. All I can hope for is that he will eventually live up to the promises he made to you. Because you absolutely deserve them. You do.

Singapore: Selamat Hari Raya with Family

A couple of days before Raya, I checked out the bazaar at Geylang with Qis and Xal. I chatted with a friend, Dinie, two weeks before about the bazaar and he shared with me that the place has lost its meaningful association with the month of Ramadan. Other friends’ Facebook statuses also resonated with his sentiments. But since it’s been years since I went to the bazaar and ‘cause I didn’t have any plans that night, I thought of giving it a try. And soon enough, I found it to be a bad idea and whined a little to Dinie –

Screen Shot 2017-07-04 at 9.37.47 PM

Maybe I’m getting older and just can’t appreciate i) the crowd; ii) the spread of expensive but pretty looking food; and iii) exorbitantly charged inai. I don’t know. But I didn’t feel like spending much and didn’t enjoy window-shopping baju raya and such displayed at various stalls. Qis bought a twist potato, while I bought a few brooches and envelopes. And soon after, we headed home.

Fun fact: The envelopes I bought will later be filled with money and given to school-going children and youths, and elderlies on Raya. This ritual of giving out money is specific to Malay Muslim culture, an adaptation of the Islamic obligatory duty of zakat. It was really awesome when I collected duit Raya up till 3 years ago; it resembled a 13th month bonus for someone with no salary.


Once home, I convinced Xal to have turmeric and honey mix on her face and that was more exhilarating than walking around Geylang! She was laughing at how silly she looked with an orange face. Because the consistency of Mum’s honey was thinner than the one I have at home, the paste kept dripping off our faces and wouldn’t stop entering our mouths! It was hilarious, looking at Xal restraining hard to not open hers while laughing 😀

Azri reached Singapore the day after, and we wanted to check out the Tampines Hub’s bazaar that Dinie recommended. This was largely because Azri left his songkok at home, and didn’t have a spare one here. Unfortunately, it was closed already when we reached there. So, Azri decided to go songkok-less this year.

Cladded in brown on first day of Raya to match with my in-laws

I’ve been blessed to have all my Raya clothings to be bought by Mum and my mother-in-law, Mak. I told them repeatedly that I planned to just recycle old baju kurungs but they bought me new ones anyway just so that we would be in the same coloured clothes as a family. Felt so loved!

Left: Set-up of main dishes at my parents’; Right: The most authentic lepat ever! MY FAVOURITE!!! I was so happy to see it at Azri’s aunt’s! For some reason, Azri never ate it before so I made him try this yummilicious berlemak rice cake and he shared my love for it. These rare gems were to die for!

We didn’t come back to Singapore to celebrate Raya with our families last year, so it felt special to be around them again this year. We went through the customary tradition of asking for forgiveness from one another, ate authentic Malay dishes, and of course, took lotsa photos! It made our insides warm with affection and fatty food… First day of Raya was simply wonderful and beautiful 🙂


Black outfits for Saturday, when we were out with my maternal side
All pink on Sunday, when we visited Dad’s siblings

Azri flew back to Kolkata on the night of 30th, so he didn’t get to join me visit more relatives’ homes the next weekend. It felt a little weird not having him around, but being around cousins, aunts and uncles – some of whom I’ve not met for more two years – made up for it! So many funny and sad and crazy stories were shared and honestly, by the end of Sunday, my social battery went so flat I had keep mum for a few hours to reset. But prior to the social fatigue, it was absolute fun catching up and eating delicious food non-stop!


The annual family photo shot 😛

Raya lasts for a month, and I will be having another round of it next Sunday as some relatives have scheduled to visit my parents’ place. Looking forward to it!

Singapore: I actually miss you

I’ve been back in my home city since the 20th and it feels so damn good to be here!

The thing that makes me happiest is the super easy access to clean water. When I brush my teeth, I do not need to gargle my mouth with bottled water. When I shower, I do not get massive hair fall. When I wash my utensils and clothes, I do not doubt that they are clean. I feel at peace, knowing that I do not have excess calcium or whatever else’s residue seeping through my skin or being consumed when eating out. Honestly, the convenience and reassurance of getting clean water from a tap has proven to be something that I will never take for granted ever again.

Of course, hanging out with my family and friends have been absolutely fun too! They’ve kept me busy and it’s the main reason why my blog hasn’t been updated for a while.

I actually didn’t update my family that I was heading home. They thought I would only arrive on the morning of Hari Raya Aidilfitri, 25th June. So when I got to my parents’ place, they were thrilled to see me, especially Mum! It was such a heartwarming experience, and hehe, Mum cooked special dishes for me:

20170620_193405a copy
Nasi Sambal Goreng + Sambal Telur + Serunding = Yums!

Azri was on a business trip elsewhere for a few days, so I got to spend a lot of time with my sisters. My favourite afternoon spent with them is when we checked out the exhibitions at National Gallery Singapore. At times like this, I get reminded how much we mean to one another…

Xal, Qis and myself in a room full of colourful polka dot stickers 🙂
Mirror magic at work!

When Azri reached Singapore, we had a good time celebrating Hari Raya with our families and an even better time staycation-ing at Pan Pacific Hotel and Marina Bay Sands Hotel! These two events deserve an individual posts, which I will update next week 😀 Swing by again to read on them!

On a more personal note to self, it’s a Shane shame:

“Nothing in my nature tells me not to do bad things,
I know that I really should be good tonight.
There’s a kind of satisfaction that destruction brings,
Consequences never could convince me that I should do right.”
– I’ll Come Crashing, A Giant Dog

Kolkata: Victoria Memorial & Science City

For the first time ever, someone smiled back at me in the elevator of our flat!!! So I took the opportunity to chat with her but to my dismay, I found out that she was a visitor and not a neighbor. That said, it gave me hope that there will be another person who’d return my smile again, instead of staring at me from top to toe like everyone else.

Anyway, Azri and I have explored more of the vibrant city. We’ve met new friends, found new favourite cafes and restaurants, and oh, did a number of touristy stuffs! One of it was to visit Victoria Memorial.

WhatsApp Image 2017-06-18 at 23.05.03

Both of us don’t know how to appreciate architecture much, but the white marble structure looked magnificent before us! It’s definitely one of the most well maintained buildings here. Its pureness masked the fact that it was fully constructed in 1921, almost a century ago! Plus, restoration was happening while we were there so it is undeniable that the government takes care of this memorial in the honour of Queen Victoria really well.

Fun fact: Calcutta was once India’s capital under British ruling, before they moved the capital to New Delhi. This is why Victoria Memorial was built in this city.

Left: Queen Victoria; Right: George Curzon, the one who suggested to have Queen Victoria’s memorial when she died. God knows why his statue is there though. Okay, maybe ’cause he was the Viceroy of India. But still.

Unfortunately, because of the repair works, we were barred from entering the building. So what we did instead was to walk around and observe the locals. Two social patterns were noticed:

  1. When taking selfies, men do not smile. At all. Okay, maybe two or three did and they had sweet smiles. But others, nope. How serious one looks is probably tied to the meaning of masculinity here. Reminds me of the now non-existent Mat Reps and their truckers cap and their step fierce faces.
  2. No matter how ungraceful a woman acts, she still looks elegant when she’s wearing a saree. She may cangkung or duduk terkangkang, but she looks ladylike nonetheless. There’s something magical about the attire, no matter how simple it is. I should get one for myself, especially to wear on days when I don’t want embody the social norms of being a woman but still look like one.

Also, there were some families having picnic at the park nearby and it seemed so fun! We shall come again and have a picnic soon 🙂

Screen Shot 2017-06-18 at 11.30.01 PM

Another touristy place that we ventured to was Science City. Exhibitions were not very impressive but I had fun at a particular one, ‘Mirror Magic’. It was basically a room full of mirrors of various dimensions, and each one created a unique optical illusion. Some of them were mind-boggling, especially this one:

Left: Azri taking photo of himself; Right: Me taking photo of Azri and his reflection

How did the mirror that Azri was facing reflect his back? The mystery science behind this has yet been solved by me…

I learned a few other things here, and the most interesting one is that piranhas do not look as scary as they are portrayed in the movies. They actually look normal.

Clockwise: Dark-banded piranha; Spotted piranha; Red piranha

I mean, I wouldn’t dare to dip my finger into the fish tank but these fish have deceivingly innocent faces. Maybe if they start baring their teeth, they will look evil and mean. Otherwise, they look like any other fish I wouldn’t mind buying at the market.

There were a few other spots which we’ve checked out, but I’ll reserve them for another post… In a non-related news, I’ll be back in Singapore sooner than I thought and hehe, can’t wait to be back with family and friends!

Marriage: In sickness and in health

Menstrual cramps rarely hit me but when it does, it strikes hard. I was curled up on my side of the sofa, groaning in pain every now and then. Occasionally, I stretched my legs and snuggled them onto Azri’s lap. While he was busy with work on the laptop, his physical presence was enough to comfort me.

When Azri was done, he scrutinized me and gleamed.

“What???” I asked.
“You’re so… Docile, demure, defenseless when you’re sick.”
“I’m in pain and you are teasing me?”
“No, really. So docile…”
“Becoming what’s that term to call them… Isteri solehah?”
“Yes, taat and setia.”
“Hah, taat and setia. You like lah, no one to annoy or nag at you.”
“Yeah, I’m enjoying this. Hehe!”
“Heh. Enjoy while it lasts.”
“I will!”

Minutes later, Azri gasped.

“What???” I went again.
He showed me the hole his ember made in the sheet and sniggered.
“What the f*ck, Bby? That cost $70!”
“You’re lucky I’m sick. And that you noticed it first.”
“Yah, I can imagine if you see it when I’m at work, you’d text me 10 angry messages like “WTF?” and “You bodoh or what?” and “70 f*cking dollars burnt!” And then, I’ll just reply with “Busy, TTYL.” Haha!”
“Yah. But seriously, that’s stupid.”
“Hahaha, I know!”

Later, before Azri headed out to work, he fed me medicine and put me to bed. Just before I slept, I gave him the heads up that I’ll be back to my feisty self when he comes home.

“I know. Can’t wait for you to get up energy up back so that we can play Dirt Rally later!”

Cramps are now gone and I’m counting down the hours to his return 🙂